New Hair Loss Treatment – Are We There Yet?

Let’s face it. For some people, it simply is not fun being bald or worse, having diffused thinning hair. If you are among the hundreds who do not like to lose hair, then your eyes and ears are probably peeled for updates on a new hair loss treatment. What is the latest news about treating it?

Developments in Hair Loss Treatment

There is hope for treating loss of hair. Scientists have discovered promising new ways to help those suffering from the condition. Two possible solutions being studied are hair generation and hair transplantation from a separate donor. These procedures are great solutions to the problem of less than full hair growth among individuals who have had transplants or who have taken hair growth medicines.

There is one more highly-anticipated treatment aside from the two procedures being studied. Scientists are also now starting to discover the basics of gene therapy in which the gene for baldness can be corrected. This is actually the perfect solution since genes are the main cause of most hair-related problems.

Albeit these treatment options look promising, it a far cry from becoming the best solution for the condition. At present, they have yet to be carefully studied before they are introduced as safe options.

What Works Now

For the moment, there is still very limited options for treatment. So far, the most effective method is through hair transplantation. As most of us know though, this is an expensive procedure and may not be applicable for all individuals. The only other options left are FDA approved drugs, laser therapy, alternative methods like massage and supplement products.

Treatment Tips

What is most popularly-used today are supplements to prevent the condition. Supplements are less expensive than transplantation and also have fewer side effects than conventional treatments. The real problem however with supplements is that there seem to treatment options coming out everyday. If you are interested in using supplements, you should be able to pick the one that is truly effective. How do you protect yourself from treatment scams?

– The best protection against getting duped is making sure that you are always updated. Find out online what new solutions work and what don’t. You’ll find plenty of studies, information and consumer insights online.

– Make sure that you visit review sites too. There are many online sites that review every new treatment that comes out in the market. You should be careful though. Some sites only masquerade as review sites but actually have the hidden agenda of promoting a product. Pick a site that also presents some negative aspects of featured products.

– Know more about the site and the product. Anyone can tell if a new hair loss treatment product is pulling people’s legs through their site content. Professional looking sites filled with valuable information are less likely to be scam sites.

Online Treatment Plans For Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol treatment programs are organized in every city of the United States. An acknowledgement of the problem and the effort to seek help is the first positive step towards recovery. It is often seen that an alcoholic prefers to obtain help online, rather than publicly approaching a rehabilitation center. The advent of the Internet has made information regarding treatment for alcoholism readily available. The World Wide Web is growing every hour. This has made a number of treatments and rehabilitation plans easily available, online.

A recommended start to an alcoholic treatment, online, would be to use a familiar search engine. On entering the required keywords, the search engine generates a range of websites and pages relating to the topic. These sites provide facts on alcoholism and even chalk out suitable plans, based on professional expertise. The addict does not have to pay for the treatment received. These sites request the addict to provide certain essential information. On the basis of this information, the experts promoting the respective site chalk out a suitable plan. These plans tend to be different for different people.

It helps to subscribe to an online newsletter or magazine. The person can obtain professional treatment plans and advice. Most of these subscriptions are free, however, a few sites may charge a nominal fee for providing the services. The payment generally guarantees individual and preferential treatment. Chat rooms and opinion-sharing sites also prove to be extremely beneficial. The addict can talk to people with similar problems.

There are numerous sites providing information and online treatment plans. Strict adherence and following the plan is ultimately a personal choice. It pays to involve a family member or friend to monitor the person’s movements and chart the improvement. Often low willpower will render an efficient treatment plan useless.

Mesothelioma Treatment Web Sites

Mesothelioma is an unusual form of cancer of the mesothelial cells that line the lungs, heart and the stomach. In recent times, in the U.S, there has been an alarming rise in the occurrence of mesothelioma cases mainly caused by exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma that develops in the lining of the heart is known as pericardium mesothelioma. When found in the sac that lines the chest or abdomen, it is called malignant mesothelioma. Asbestosis is a chronic lung ailment that produces shortness of breath, coughing and even permanent lung damage. Many treatment programs for mesothelioma have been initiated with a purpose of curbing or curing the disease. There are a number of Web sites that provide information on various treatments of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma treatment depends on many factors that include the various stages of cancer, location, state of cancer, appearance of cancer cells and the patient?s age and requirements. Web sites on mesothelioma provide information on the different types of treatments including traditional care for malignant mesothelioma. This involves surgery that removes the cancer, chemotherapy that uses drugs to fight the cancer, and radiation therapy that uses high-dose x-rays or other high-energy rays to kill cancer cells.

Certain Web sites provide useful articles on experimental therapies for mesothelioma treatments, which include usage of the drug Alimta. They feature articles on various clinical trials and research studies that promise new or experimental mesothelioma treatments. These Web sites list typical treatment strategies based on different stages of mesothelioma.

Generally, Web sites of top cancer centers for mesothelioma treatment are listed alphabetically by state and are of great convenience to patients. People can register themselves online and consult top experts who after verifying their problem through a questionnaire, advice on appropriate drugs that help to cure mesothelioma. Many Web sites also provide information on victims of mesothelioma and their families. Patients of mesothelioma can share their experience with them and get emotional support. On the whole, mesothelioma treatment Web sites offer a great source of information that creates awareness about diverse treatment options available for mesothelioma.

Different Applications of Water Treatment Plant

A water treatment plant is a facility where water is treated to make it acceptable for the designated end-user. Various processes involved in this exercise, such facilities include sedimentation, filtration, chlorination, disinfection, coagulation and so on. Water purification equipments used at these plants are water filters, ozone generator, oil water separators, screening equipments, sludge treatment equipment and many more.

Treatment of water is done for different purposes and there are water treatment plants serving different applications. Here is a brief discussion.

Wastewater Treatment
The most common application of a water treatment plant is to treat the waste water collected from homes, industries and many other sources. In order to make the waste water reusable, it is treated to remove physical, radioactive, chemical and biological pollutants. Sewage treatment and sludge treatment are the two most popular sub-types of wastewater purification plants.

A decentralized wastewater plant is another common facility in this category. The water treated at this facility is reused for landscape irrigation and toilet flush supply.

Surface Water Treatment
A surface water treatment process is used to make surface water fit for municipal applications. Suspended impurities, colloidal matter and organic components are removed through processes like sedimentation, aeration, screening, disinfection and sand filtration.

Containerized Water Treatment Plant
To make pollutant-free water available in remote areas, the containerized treatment plant for water is considered as a suitable option. A single unit arrangement is used in this category of treatment equipments. Such plants can also be installed near military and mining camps. Environmental emergencies too ca be met with the help of such facilities.

Ozone Based Water Plant
These plants use ozone for water purification and useful to treat pool water or water present in the cooling towers. Ozone is an excellent disinfectant for variety of microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium and protozoan parasites. The main advantage of this type of plant is that it doesn’t require adding any chemical to the water.

Seawater Treatment Plant
Seawater is treated to remove dissolved minerals and salts at a seawater treatment plant. Desalination, membrane separation, vacuum freezing and many such processes are employed at these plants. Saudi Arabia and the USA are the two countries with most number of seawater desalination plants.

Package Wastewater Plant
Treating wastewater using the process of aeration is done at a package wastewater treatment facility. These plants are available in different sizes and are used for applications in small and medium urban areas, remote mining areas, construction sites, recreational sites, educational sites and at various other sites.

Bottled Water Treatment
The popularity of bottled drinking water is increasing with passing time. The water is collected at the source, treated and packed in bottles that are supplied to the market. A bottled water plant is installed near the source to make water treating easy and economical.

Mobile Water Treatment
This is another popular facility designed by water treatment plant manufacturers. Reverse osmosis and mobile wastewater treatment are the methods used to treat water at these facilities. This plant is installed over a big trailer and moved to different sites.

Water is becoming a scarce commodity and use of treatment plants is one solution to save it from depleting.

How to Get the Best Treatment For Alopecia Mucinosa

Alopecia mucinosa is a skin disorder that causes follicular papules that cause histological changes to hair. This disease results in the accumulation mucinous material in hair follicles and subcutaneous glands which will undergo epithelial linear reticular degradation caused by the immune system. Lesions on the face, scalp and other parts of the body may occur. The exact causes of the disease are not understood, but several treatments have proven to be effective in treating this condition.

Alopecia mucinosa can be treated by use of topical intralesional and systemic corticosteroids. Other treatments include topical systemic psoralen followed by UV radiation therapy. Another drug containing mustard that is applied topically followed by UV radiation therapy is also effective in treating the condition. Now that you have a brief idea of the kinds of treatments that can be used to treat this skin disease, we are going to look at some of the ways in which you can ensure that the treatment you are going to get is VIP.

In order to get good information on clinics and surgeries that offer treatment of diseases such as alopecia mucinosa, you need to search for information that is unbiased and is accurate. You can only get such information from medical websites. On the internet you will be provided with a list of sites that cover all aspects of the most common skin diseases that cause hair loss. These sites will also provide you with a wide range of available treatment options.

Some sites will also allow patients that have been treated to post their comments and tell others what they think about the treatment they received. You will also be able to access the frequently asked questions page. This page including the one where patients add their comments will help you get a clearer picture of the effectiveness of each treatment. The frequently asked questions will help answer some common questions associated with each treatment some of which you yourself might be seeking explanation on.

Some sites even provide one on one consultation with experts in the field. With this feature, you will be able to get personal satisfaction, as all your doubts will be clearly answered by these experts. It is very important that before you decide on taking any treatment option, you understand what the advantages are, as well as the risks that are involved. If a site that provides such services is unable to give a clear explanation of the services they provide, then you definitely might be dealing with the wrong people.

When looking for the best treatment on alopecia mucinosa, you need to look at all the possible side effects that can be experienced with some of these treatments. After collecting information on all the treatments, you also need to collect all information on post treatment care. All this information will help you decide which of the treatments best suits your lifestyle, for it would be pointless to choose a treatment that will demand lots of discipline which you may fail to abide to, thus causing the treatment to fail.

Leachate Treatment and Sustainable Landfill

A sustainable landfill would be a landfill which is designed to clean itself of all harmful substances which might cause a harmful emission within a generation. That way each generation would deal with its own waste and pass on a clean environment to each successive generation.

A sustainable landfill would be a wonderful achievement, and paradoxically without even trying our ancestors once did achieve this, before the arrival of the industrial revolution. Sadly, life is not so simple for our generation, and it will be much harder for future generations unless we can find a way of achieving sustainability in so much of what we do today, which is far from sustainable.

The first step in designing a sustainable landfill would be to speed up the time needed for full decomposition and then continue to flush the landfill with clean fresh water. What do we mean by flushing in this context? We mean putting enough water through the landfill to remove all the water soluble components of a landfill, including all the soluble organic content, such that we need no longer keep it sealed from the environment to protect the surrounding environment from it.

The first step of flushing would be to pump a lot of water through the landfill, and recirculate it to ensure decomposition is rapid. Then, all of that water being recirculated will eventually have to be treated as leachate.

The leachate treatment may be carried out on-site or off-site but in both cases the residual components must be discharged off-site. If this is not done and the treated leachate continues to be recirculated, then components of the leachate such as chlorides will remain in elevated concentrations, and sustainably goals are not achieved. Compounds like chlorides (as in common table salt) may be polluting if they were to be released suddenly into the environment at concentrations significantly higher that the normal background concentration, and thus the landfill would continue to present a threat to the environment.

A strategy that consists only of recirculation of leachate, therefore, is not sustainable. A lot of landfill operators use Reverse Osmosis to treat leachate, however, that is short sighted and runs completely counter to all philosophy of the sustainable landfill, returning as these sites usually do, all of the residual components and removing only he pure water. (Incidentally, the elevated ammoniacal nitrogen resulting will be expected to have a very negative impact on landfill gas production as well.)

The volume of leachate and certainly the concentration of contaminants in that leachate will vary as the site ages. Of the components of leachate which will require treatment, the ammoniacal nitrogen content is usually the most expensive to deal with. As the refuse in the landfill is flushed, the concentrations of components such as ammoniacal nitrogen will fall.

Ammoniacal nitrogen concentrations may initially be in excess of 2,500mg/l and have to be reduced to less than 10mg/l. As the nitrogen is leached from the site, supplying a constant daily load of ammoniacal nitrogen to a treatment plant would require the daily volume treated to increase as the leachate becomes more dilute.

The degradable materials, ammoniacal nitrogen and the degradable organic compounds measured as BOD, can be successfully reduced in an SBR (sequencing batch reactor) biological leachate treatment plant to an acceptable level for recirculation or for discharge to the environment. Poorly degradable organic compounds and inorganic salts ‘will be residual components that may prove problematical for discharge under some circumstances.

If the discharge is to a relatively small surface watercourse then the size of the treatment plant may be limited by the amounts of chloride and non-degradable Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) which may be discharged. Any limits on the discharge of non-degradable components may have obvious implications for the size of landfill that can be operated in a sustainable manner in a given location.

If the discharge of leachate is to sewer, then chlorides will pass through the sewage works untreated apart from dilution. Poorly degradable organic compounds will also pass through the sewage treatment works apart from a small degree of treatment and possibly some adsorption onto the sludge. The receiving works’ own discharge limits may restrict the volume or load of leachate that can be accepted to sewer, and hence restrict the opportunities for flushing.

Treatment of the necessary large amounts of leachate, either in a purpose-built plant or in a sewage treatment works will obviously entail higher rates of expenditure than are usually allocated for this currently at many landfills. However, present practices lead to the same pollution load being produced, treated and discharged, entailing similar total costs, but simply over longer time scales. The difference is therefore mainly a function of how accounting practices treat short-term and long-term expenditure.

It is ethically and morally wrong of our generation to subject future generations to continually increasing landfill emissions damaging groundwater quality once the landfill containment systems fail, and fail they will eventually, before they have cleansed themselves. That is inevitable.

So, all governments should seek not only to reduce the waste sent to landfill, and flush their landfills, but also to treat their leachate biologically and start doing that as soon as the first waste is placed in a new landfill. Full sustainability will not be achieved, with current standard containment landfill practices, but at least the flushing process will have been begun.

The Truth About the Best Anti Aging Skin Treatment

Ever wondered how effective the best anti aging skin treatment is? Dermatologists say that you can look five years younger in six months by continually protecting your face from the sun. Because of that recommendation, may over the counter anti aging skin care treatment products contain sunscreen. But, consumers can easily be confused about what those SPF ratings mean and by how long they are actually protected.

The most effective method for protecting your face from the sun is to wear a large hat that shades your face. If that’s not possible and you’re a woman, try wearing natural mineral-based makeup that contains zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is an effective broad-spectrum sun-block. It doesn’t disappear like other sun-screen ingredients. So, it provides protection, longer, without reapplication.

The best anti aging skin treatment that you can use at home, according to clinical studies, is a cream containing loads of antioxidants. The best ones can reverse wrinkles by as much as 30% after only six weeks. How many years is that equivalent to? Actually, the older you look currently and the more damage that has been caused by the sun, the more years you’ll be able to take off, anywhere from one to seven years, with continued use.

Many people give up on anti aging skin care treatment products, because they do not see immediate results, but it’s kind of like losing weight. You didn’t put those pounds on overnight. So, you cannot expect to lose them overnight. Those wrinkles didn’t develop overnight, even though it sometimes seems like it, so you can’t expect them to go away overnight.

Anti aging skin care treatment products that promise immediate results are just cosmetics. They usually contain pigments or have a gelatin like consistency that reduces shadows and bends light slightly. That might make your face look smoother than it actually is, but it’s not having any long-term positive effect.

An ingredient called Functional Keratin (a kind of protein) may be the best treatment for people that want immediate and long-term results. Its consistency is similar to that of liquid-skin. So, it has the cosmetic effect of bending the light and it has beneficial effects over time.

Anti aging skin care treatment products containing Functional Keratin have been shown in clinical studies to increase the skin’s firmness by 40% over the course of 18 days. Researchers saw an increase in skin cell production, which normally slows down with age, by as much as 160% after only three days of use.

A cream containing Functional Keratin and the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 is probably the best that money can buy. Anti aging skin care treatment products containing both of those ingredients repair sun damage, reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s overall health.

Make no mistake about it. There are a number of ingredients that you should avoid, because they can do more harm than good. If you want the safest and best anti aging skin treatment, look for one that contains antioxidants and other nutrients. That’s all you really need.

If you’d like to learn more about little known but clinically tested natural ingredients that are used for treating aging skin, visit my website today.

Stop Excessive Sweating Through Effective Treatments

There are several options to treat excessive sweating. The medical term for overactive sweat glands is Hyperhidrosis. Treatment is determined based on the severity of this embarrassing condition.

Antiperspirants and Ointments
Antiperspirants are used as an initial treatment for hyperhidrosis. There is sometimes misconception between antiperspirants and deodorants. Deodorants are supposed to work on the smell while antiperspirants deal with sweat control. Next time you purchase a deodorant, make sure it is also an antiperspirant. Read the label first.

Some doctors recommend Drysol. It is applied on the problematic area only after the skin is completely dry. To reduce the chance of skin irritation, wear it only at bedtime and wash it off completely when you wake up in the morning using plain water. The treatment is repeated every night until improvement is observed. Then use it only once or twice a week for maintenance. On other days, you can use your regular deodorant. This medication is not very effective on the thick skin of the palms and soles.

Anticholinergic Medication
Some medications prevent the release of Acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter that causes eccrine sweat gland to go into overdrive. Robinul is frequently prescribed in this case. It is taken orally once a day which makes it treatment convenient. However, it is not without side effects. You may experience dry mouth, blurred vision, constipation, urinary retention and palpitations.

a device is used for this procedure. Electrical stimulation on the affected area is supposed to reduce abnormally profuse sweating. A particular site is saturated or submerged in water while the device emits electricity on the problematic area. There can be a little discomfort at the start but as the procedure goes on, the patient gets used to it. Only then the electricity is adjusted to a higher intensity. Several sessions are required before there could be any improvement.

Botox Injection
The Botox craze is not only confined to wrinkles. After it has been approved by FDA, Botox is now being use as a treatment for Hyperhidrosis that can’t be treated with topical medication. Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) is a purified protein produced by Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Patients suffering from sweaty palms or underarms may get short-term improvement and relief after Botox injection. Botox is used in the treatment of other problems like eye muscle disorders, wrinkles and other similar conditions. It minimizes perspiration by blocking the release of acetylcholine, which is responsible for the stimulation of sweat glands. This treatment is only a temporary relief and must be done repeatedly 2-3 times in one year. It works well for sweaty underarms and has been used by many celebrities. Injections of Botox are not effective in severe cases of facial or palmar hyperhidrosis. It is a painful and expensive treatment.

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is one of the more famous surgery used to resolve excessive perspiration. Other procedures include Lumbar sympathectomy, Sweat gland suction and Percutaneous sympathectomy, which is a minimal invasive procedure where the nerve is blocked by phenol injection.

How to Find an Adult Asthma Treatment in Less Than 5 Minutes

Every sufferer knows that adult asthma is an extremely frustrating ailment to have. Not only because it hinders the body from functioning properly, but also because it is a highly demanding disease, needing you to monitor and actually nurse yourself from it every time an attack comes.

This is why most experts strongly suggest that if you’re a sufferer from the disease, you should seek and try a steady flow of various adult asthma treatment methods to see which one can work for you the best. And as there are quite a few of these adult asthma treatment methods, you might need a hand in how to and where find the best ones quickly.

And since you live in this day and age, you might’ve already guessed the internet as the perfect place to find an adult asthma treatment in less than five minutes. Of course, you are correct, as the World Wide Web is still, by far, the most useful place to get the most vital information you need in dealing with your asthma. The problem here, however, is that the internet offers a whole lot of information, that sometimes, choosing becomes the bigger task than what you’ve come for.

So, what you need to keep in mind here is that in order to find a real and effective adult asthma treatment, you must first find a trusty website that will be your source of vital tips and advice you need in dealing with your adult asthma. To do this, you must first set some standards of some sort that can help you decide which site offers the best information you need. Some examples of these “standards” may include the following:

1. It needs to be regularly updated. Since asthma is still continuously being studied, you can be sure that there are regular updates, discoveries, and other studies that can point to another adult asthma treatment. This is why you need to follow a site that is up to date.

2. It has to be written by an expert. A doctor or a medical practitioner who’s well versed in the treatment of this condition is the best resource for adult asthma treatment. So, make sure you follow a legitimate expert on the topic and not just some poser trying to make money out of your ailment.

3. The website needs to be easy to navigate. If you’re online to look for a cure for asthma quickly, you can’t fill up forms and answer other questions first just to get help, so you really need to find a site where you can easily find the information you need. Also, how well a website is made is another good way to tell whether the site and owners are legit, so this criterion should really be included in your list.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind so you can easily find adult asthma treatment in less than five minutes.

Acne Treatment Reviews – What to Look For

If you are an acne sufferer, then the last thing you want to do is read through dozens of advertisements hawking the latest and greatest acne treatment. After all, as a society we’ve become numb to advertising. For one thing, advertisements can’t always be trusted; obviously the advertiser has a vested interest in seeing to it that you purchase the product.

Product reviews, however, don’t generally fall in the same category as blatant advertisements. And so it should be with acne treatment reviews. The reality here, though, is different; the internet is full of acne product reviews that are thinly disguised ads. The result is that you feel like you are looking at nothing but advertisements when you read most acne treatment reviews.

The reason? Because of the number of affiliates that are promoting acne treatments. Many of these affiliates have never even bought the acne product they are promoting, much less tried them. Yet they’ll act like they are intimately familiar with the product and all other similar products. Being the astute and observant web surfer that you are, however, you can see right through their ploy.

So how do you know which acne treatment reviews to trust?

Luckily, there are some specific tell-tale clues to look for on the reviewer’s (affiliate’s) website. Number one, the affiliate should prominently display an “Affiliate Earnings Compensation Disclosure” statement – or something to that effect – on the front page of the product review website. This statement is now, in fact, required by the FTC – Federal Trade Commission – as well as Google for all affiliate websites.

The statement should say something like, “You should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. Perform due diligence before purchasing from this or any other website.”

99% (percentage is just my guess here) of all affiliate product review sites, however, do not prominently display this information. Instead, they reluctantly comply with the FTC’s requirement by burying a tiny, almost transparent link to this statement somewhere in an obscure ‘corner’ of their website. The idea here being that if you know ahead of time that the website owner stands to get a commission if you buy a product through their site, that you may click away in disgust.

I should point out, however, that this would be prejudicial on the part of a website visitor!

Because not all affiliate sites and their owners (even if they DO hide the fact that they are indeed affiliates for the product they are promoting) are untrustworthy; the key here is to know what to look for in an acne treatment review – or ANY review for that matter.

So back to the biggies to look for:

1. As we discussed, the all-important “Affiliate Earnings Compensation Disclosure,” prominently displayed.

2. Contact information, including phone number.

Now, realize that it’s risky to put your home or cell phone number on the internet – regardless of how trustworthy the site is that the phone number is on. A toll-free 800 or 888 number, however, can go to an inexpensive answering service for an affiliate site, protecting the affiliate’s privacy. But the presence of such a number on an affiliate’s website is a sign of goodwill.

3. Testimonials (on the merchant’s site).

An acne treatment review that recommends a particular product should only recommend one with testimonials – verifiable through email addresses posted on the merchant’s site, or available on request. Recorded audio testimonials on the merchant’s site are also a good sign, as are photos of the persons leaving the testimonials. If the merchant can show that some testimonials are UNsolicited, all the better.

4. Specific product information to help the web surfer (you) know the product better.

While this may seem obvious, too often you’ll run into acne treatment review sites that have little more than the same info that you can get directly from the merchant’s sales page. Statements like, “This is the best acne treatment product available anywhere, it works great…” are vague, blatant salesy-type statements that don’t help you know the product.

Instead, something like, “Tests performed by XYZ corporation showed that 78% of Grade II acne sufferers who tried this product experienced an improvement in their acne within 14 days.” Statements like this that give specific numbers are what you should look for.

5. Background science and/or history of a product.

This shows that the affiliate is making an effort at educating you instead of just selling you on a product.

So, yes, it is possible to find a trustworthy acne treatment review online, even though the reviewer will often be an affiliate of the acne product that he/she is reviewing. But if the affiliate has done his job right, you stand to benefit from his research, saving you time and money in the process. You will be an educated ‘acne cure product web searcher,’ able to make a smart purchase decision.